Can you herd cats?

Yes, you heard this right. Cats can be herd’ed 🙂

I am a cat herder, and a proud one at that.

I believe this is the most important of skills today, which is lacking in most of us, and probably at all fronts – be it at work or in our personal space.

Now what do I mean by cat herding? What comes to your mind when you read this?

Can you stop for a moment and actually visualise if you were asked to herd cats, what would your reaction be ?!

One would say – it’s impossible, Another would probably ask if you were joking , and Someone else might think You were crazy!

Just plain WTF! Yes… the most simplest way I can answer this would be to say – it’s how one would deal with in WTF situations, or avoid getting into such situations, in the first place 😀

In most of current situations or dynamics, a lot of inaction unnecessarily and sometimes unknowingly crops up due to our – legacy mindset, lack of right focus, ambiguity, no proper protocol, no idea of ownership, lack of relevant right experience, let someone else do this / I am way too senior / sitting on my high horse to get my hands dirty – kinda modes (to name a few)

Cat herding is an essential and survival critical ability for people who are expected to function as leaders / show the way. You lack this, then you, more often than not, are at a position where you will fail to create the most impact and would often struggle to meet end objectives and make the journey painful, for you and for people around you.

To put it simply, one needs to transcend into something that talks action, says action and lives action, thereby compelling others, to follow suit or step aside / irrespective of what role you or they need to play.

That’s why I tend to simplify yet complexify my role (as told to others) as a cat herder.

Unless you show the belief that you can do whatever is needed, roll up your sleeves and show / travel the right path .. one will always struggle to expect the same from others ! And of course, if you think you are a damn good cat herder, but lack the ability to connect with people or empathise, then believe me, you need to re think.

There is a damn good article on Forbes on the same and an useful read:

Heeding cats means bringing on the ability to align masses to a common goal. This is a unique skill and often under rated one as there is no known benchmark or guideline or certification for the same 🙂

And there is no way to teach or learn this, and that’s another reason which makes this so difficult a trait 😁

It is a soft skill and in my view, the most important one of all.

Post reading this, Do you see yourself as a cat herder or as a Cat ? 😁

There are some very interesting cat herding experiences that I should rightfully share and will do so, in due course.


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  1. Excellent article !
    Absolutely necessary skill needed in current time.


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