Who am I?

Cogito, Ergo, S(t)ump is one of the most favorite lines / interpretation i have come across, which goes on to imply- “I think, therefore, I am confused” 🙂

I have spent more than two decades being part of a vibrant space in the IT industry (and still am), that has taken me across all corners of the world and given me an opportunity to meet and connect and work with a fantastic set of people (from different cultures, leadership styles, traits, nuances etc) and on exciting and transformational projects.

Be the best and bring out the best in people, would be my motto.

And, If i had to summarize my strengths – i would probably describe cat herding / people mover as my bragging rights 🙂

One thing that stood out is, mentors and role models play a huge influence, and on the individual side – you need to be a bloody good storyteller, and by storytelling, i mean, being able to connect with people, articulate and inspire.

This is my way of reaching out and connecting with people who want to stand out, want to make an impact, or just need a listening post to bounce off ideas.

I will provide mentorship support as much as i can. Please connect using the below details.

You can connect with me by:

Dropping a line with your connect need and i will revert as soon as i normally can. Thanks for stopping by.