I am a tiny blimp on the earth’s surface, and possibly represent a very large population of individuals who are so caught up with our daily chores and are hot-wired to think, eat, act and just about do anything else in a mechanical way of sorts, that we most of the times, do not take the time to appreciate:

  • who we are,
  • what we do,
  • the people around us (family, friends),
  • the society we live in and
  • the world we stay in.

This blog is my way of doing something, pinning something down, so that hopefully, somewhere down the line, while we go through the grind – we reflect and course correct.

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  1. Arun says:

    Excellent start Sir.. Keep blogging..


  2. Lisha says:

    Hey!! Nice read…. Let the writing BUG keep Bug-ing U 🙂


  3. kchimesh says:

    Thanks Lisha, by the way how did you come across this site among the umpteen others in an already over crowded world wide web? 🙂


  4. We are off to space and our next achievable planet is Mars I already remember buying a plot on the moon for $1 but they are still working on it’s infrastructure; like there aren’t enough of malls and pubs on it yet. Seems like a good investment and hoping it will pay back before Mars

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    1. himeshkc says:

      Good take on this, love the optimism 😁


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