The Project Manager’s Oath (BCP framework)

What are the most critical elements in ensuring success? How do we succeed while planning for failure?


Black box / White box – What mode are you on today?

This is hopefully an interesting question that we all need to ask or understand at some point or the other. We usually come across problems, opportunities and situations in no predestined fashion at work (however organized you may think you are or want to be) and sometimes, knowing what mode you are on (or even…

Project Management – I scream, YOU scream and WE all like Ice Cream!

What better way to demystify Project Management, than taking an example of buying ice cream for your family.
In this article, I will attempt to draw parallels within the personal and professional world and use contexts interchangeably, to highlight key themes that could / maybe explain how we typically react and act, in a “Project” world and sometimes, even at home.

The Future of Project Management

What could be the future of Project Management? If there was to be a revolution in the Project Management space, what would it possibly be / look like? This is what I would predict: All managers would become extinct, just like Dinosaurs – in the near future. So should we trick evolution and ensure survival…

Why did the Project Manager cross the road?

Try answering this – Why did the project manager cross the road? To make it easy, I give you 3 probable reasons: a) He was asked to cross the road b) He heard they were setting up free project support camps on the other side c) He thought he could get a better view from…

What we were not told about Project Management!

Few one liners to bring out the humor in otherwise a dry subject 🙂
◾Shortly, Projects (status) will also be traded on the futures exchange, with stop loss on failure and buy on success
◾Quality and the hourglass have a lot in common- there is only so much that can pass and for anything that has to cross over, it has to exactly fit the specifications / exit criteria

PM Glossary #5 – What’s (in) a Change Request?

Ponder this through: Project Management and Change Control – are they blood relatives or bloody relatives! A Project can also be termed a vehicle for Change (implementing), so why this much ado around Change Management and Change Control, when you are anyways doing it? Yeah – this is not as simple as it sounds, and…