Astral, Cast All?

How about astral projection being used in daily life , if only possible 😁

Or in any walk of life – personal, professional , social ?

I would probably start at the work front first (and around Project Management), compared to the other spaces, which are more complex 😁

Let’s call it- the “Astral Cast All” way of working or the Astral methodology.

Now, why would one see the need for an OBE* while managing a project?! Or what can we tend to achieve / hope for, if this was possible?

* IMhO, if I had been given an opportunity at an opportune moment, I would have Astral projected my A out of a variety of situations and never worried about getting back πŸ˜†

What could one hope to do with such an absurd thought , another could ask.

Well for starters, using this, try and force an external perspective of things. More often than not, we get so immersed in our day to day work and / or over reliance on our “routine” bias, that we tend to overlook the simplest of things or common sense aspects.

Start by looking at some of the questions below, though seemingly simple, these are structured around fundamental make or break aspects, that will apply in any IT Project / Program Management scenario.

Start by asking, am i meeting end expectations right ? For the team, for the sponsor, for the stakeholders. Shouldn’t always be a leap of faith, and even if so, know what it would take.

How do I take care of measuring outcomes? Qualify how you can define and achieve small wins. Nothing works better than being able to show validation of the efforts in tangible means, to stakeholders. Work this out.

How do I identify issues before they come down on us? Refer my earlier article on Planning for failure Have you PFFed yet

Do we need more support and attention? Typically, being able to identify issues early, calling these out well and having the right governance is the difference between a successful implementation versus heartburn and failure in meeting objectives.

Am I liking what we are accomplishing? You cannot run a long program without having incremental validations and acceptance built in earlier on, from respective stakeholders. So use this as an important question to understand what would benefit everyone, and how would you make stakeholders more intertwined with the program and more importantly, with the journey.

Does everyone have clarity on how they influence the program and are they ready? Readiness and preparation is often an overlooked process, among the various teams, internal , external partners.

And lastly, do not forget to cast yourself back and get on with the show. πŸ˜€


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