If you want more..

Then do less, but do right!

A very simple but very “complex” statement at the same time.

Most of us are lost in the (vicious) cycle of not being able to recognise what matters most, and how to get “it”.

Be it professional satisfaction or growth at work, better personal / social engagement, quality of life, making a difference and so on – anything that affects or influences our sense of overall well being.

Think about how you can get “more”.

There is simply no physics or mathematical equation in this world, that works with only one side of the equation, and can get you “more”, with out you investing anything from your end!


Start by prioritising or rating what would matter the most and break it down, into smaller, doable wish list activities.

There is nothing more powerful than a human who has a sorted out list on hand, and goes after it.


We came from apes to humans – only by prioritising: for example – how did we transition from eating food, sleeping it out all 7 days a week and no taxes or other worries to -> how do I make beer!


That’s the power of thought clarity and prioritisation.


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