Why did the Project Manager cross the road?

Try answering this – Why did the project manager cross the road? To make it easy, I give you 3 probable reasons: a) He was asked to cross the road b) He heard they were setting up free project support camps on the other side c) He thought he could get a better view from…

What we were not told about Project Management!

Few one liners to bring out the humor in otherwise a dry subject 🙂
◾Shortly, Projects (status) will also be traded on the futures exchange, with stop loss on failure and buy on success
◾Quality and the hourglass have a lot in common- there is only so much that can pass and for anything that has to cross over, it has to exactly fit the specifications / exit criteria

PM Glossary #5 – What’s (in) a Change Request?

Ponder this through: Project Management and Change Control – are they blood relatives or bloody relatives! A Project can also be termed a vehicle for Change (implementing), so why this much ado around Change Management and Change Control, when you are anyways doing it? Yeah – this is not as simple as it sounds, and…

PM Glossary #3 – Scope, Creep and You

There are universal standards of measurement for Time (your watch and calendar) and Cost (wallet and/ or bank account), leaving out any chance for ambiguity or lack of consensus among stakeholders, but for Scope – this will always remain a grey area (however good the documentation, process, team and relations be!).

PM Glossary – What is Project Management

1. What is Project Management In layman’s terms – somebody wants to move from Point A to Point B (read “move” as being able to do something, hence the birth of a “Project”, also read “somebody” as a Stakeholder). The whole act of thinking through (planning) and ensuring (execution and monitoring) that the journey from…

A brief history of Project Management – Part 2

Part 2 of this series… Continued from Part 1….(Part 1 can be found at http://colossalthoughts.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/a-brief-history-of-project-management-part-1/) b) From 15th century up to mid 20th century (Project Managers were possibly called as “Projectors” during the early stages – not evidenced though) Radical changes in Project management approach and execution fueled by the industrial revolution and advances in management…