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June 2017 –

Just getting to reviving my blog / website from Amazon EC2 to wordpress. Had some technical issues due to which i am pulling out from AWS and re-hosting. Do bear with me for some time and thanks for stopping by

Mind control or Control over Mind?!

Mind control versus control over Mind – are they one and the same?

Aurora Borealis / Bangalore-is?

Don’t tell me that after Trump took over reins in the far west, he has somehow managed to outsource the Aurora Borealis to this side of the world? IT has been bangalore-ed! (pun intended) Happened to catch this view recently (14-Jun-2017) in good old bengaluru. Prey take a look and let me know. 🙂

Black box / White box – What mode are you on today?

This is hopefully an interesting question that we all need to ask or understand at some point or the other. We usually come across problems, opportunities and situations in no predestined fashion at work (however organized you may think you are or want to be) and sometimes, knowing what mode you are on (or even…

Project Management – I scream, YOU scream and WE all like Ice Cream!

What better way to demystify Project Management, than taking an example of buying ice cream for your family.
In this article, I will attempt to draw parallels within the personal and professional world and use contexts interchangeably, to highlight key themes that could / maybe explain how we typically react and act, in a “Project” world and sometimes, even at home.

On your Mark, get Set……GO!

I have taken to the habit of jogging now, and am trying to be regular at it. I started off with a small target, around 2-2.5 kms and got going. Armed with RunKeeper and a bottle of spruced up water, I hit the road. The first run was good, could manage 2.55 KMs in 20…

My Daughter is my Teacher: Lesson #1

It all started with a simple question. We (Me, wifey and 7 year old daughter) were going somewhere or returning from somewhere when I happened to ask my daughter “Which is your favorite place?” I was expecting Kerala (as she usually has loads of fun during the summer vacation and is never at home there…