integers & a 10 year young’un

I was caught in an inadvertent crossfire exchange of a positive and negative integer session basics, between my wife and my 10 year old. She was trying to brush his knowledge right before a class test. 🤭 Mom: Ashvik, Borrowing money makes you +ve or -ve? Ashvik: Obviously mom, I have money, I am +ve…

If you want more..

Then do less, but do right! A very simple but very “complex” statement at the same time. Most of us are lost in the (vicious) cycle of not being able to recognise what matters most, and how to get “it”. Be it professional satisfaction or growth at work, better personal / social engagement, quality of…

Aurora Borealis / Bangalore-is?

Don’t tell me that after Trump took over reins in the far west, he has somehow managed to outsource the Aurora Borealis to this side of the world? IT has been bangalore-ed! (pun intended) Happened to catch this view recently (14-Jun-2017) in good old bengaluru. Prey take a look and let me know. 🙂

Festina Lente!

Welcome to the world of oxymorons and more. I wanted to dedicate a post to this literary invention of man, without which it sometimes becomes difficult to accentuate scenes, situations and context and also add some good old humor while we are at it. The dictionary meaning for oxymoron indicates “sharp/pointed” and “dullness / foolishness”…

A picture is worth a thousand words, or is it?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words or more. Sorry, I beg to differ. In my view, a well written / spoken few words could be worth more than a dozen pictures. What is this worth that we are talking about here? The ability to communicate a thought / topic / message…

Fiction in Diction

Picture this – you can simplify something, you can beautify someone, you can pacify someone but you cannot complexify anything, as much as you want to because that would complicate matters! Why would I want to compli-cate something when all I want is to complexi–fy it? 🙂 Surprise, you can complexify things. Did you know…

Why is it so damn difficult to pay attention?

Digest this – the psychological definition of attention is “A state of focused awareness on a subset of the available perceptual information” (courtesy: Wikipedia) No wonder then, that sometimes it becomes exceedingly difficult to pay attention. So the next time somebody yells at you, you know what to say! 🙂

What we were not told about Project Management!

Few one liners to bring out the humor in otherwise a dry subject 🙂
◾Shortly, Projects (status) will also be traded on the futures exchange, with stop loss on failure and buy on success
◾Quality and the hourglass have a lot in common- there is only so much that can pass and for anything that has to cross over, it has to exactly fit the specifications / exit criteria