Fiction in Diction


Picture this – you can simplify something, you can beautify someone, you can pacify someone but you cannot complexify anything, as much as you want to because that would complicate matters!

Why would I want to compli-cate something when all I want is to complexi–fy it? 🙂

Surprise, you can complexify things. Did you know that complexify is a valid word and has been in use from 1830 onwards?

I am listing few more such words along with some made up ones, and have knitted these together in a fun sort of way.

Try your hand and see if you can spot the nonexistent (fictitious / made up) word in each of these sentences easily enough < there is only one odd man out in each sentence>:

==> Your positivity encourages me, negativity discourages me, hyperactivity frightens me, sensitivity gives me hope, but your executivity evokes no reaction, because of its privity!

==> It is analogous, it can be outrageous, it may be wortheous, or cantankerous, but is it righteous to talk about?

==> While somebody is respectable, someone  may be hateable, some others may be likeable, while a few can be deceitable, can anyone be despicable?

==> Be mindful that you can get an earful, mouthful, handful and a stomachful but not a brainful!

==> You can partake while being a cheapstake, yet make no mistake, you will betake to intake shitake.

==> It was flaming, while he was gaming, and bro was slaloming as we all ended up in Wyoming and the welcome was truly earwarming.

==> This is lovely, and plainly it bowls you over cleanly and sanely, but not grumly or grilly.

==> While spinning and winning, and also punning, and binning, were you wonning there?

As a parting statement, the previous 2 sentences above do not have any made up words 🙂


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