How do we make choices?


I often wonder, what is it that gives us the gift to make a choice. Is it ingrained in our genes, passed down from our ape ancestors or was this something that we are taught and we learn as we grow, by our parents and the external world?

If we knew this, then can we somehow focus on helping one and all make the right choices – because this would then more or less be a simple solution to EVERYTHING that is not going right today!

I guess we typically depend on few aspects – our prior knowledge and our basic senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste) plus a little bit of instinct – to make choices.

Life is ultimately a balance of the following –

  • making the right choices,
  • making the wrong choices (unintentionally) and learning
  • sometimes making intentional wrong choices emboldened by the confidence of having made right choices earlier and
  • making wrong choices sometimes just for the thrill and heck of it.

I can only hope that someday, we get help from our medical fraternity, to quell the human tendency to make wrong choices / decisions intentionally, while also magically correct the decision making process to prevent making wrong choices unknowingly as well!

They say you can make someone quit smoking by using lasers (and frying some part of the brain), so why not in this context and for the larger good as well 😉


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