How are you dealing with Meet’opia today?

how do you handle the onslaught of continuous “meetings” and the “always on” culture nowadays?

Astral, Cast All?

How about astral projection being used in daily life , if only possible 😁 Or in any walk of life – personal, professional , social ? I would probably start at the work front first (and around Project Management), compared to the other spaces, which are more complex 😁 Let’s call it- the “Astral Cast…

Can you herd cats?

cat herding and you. Is this an ignored / lost skill?
How can we be better at cat herding?

Have you PFFed yet?! (Planning for Failure)

Yes, you read it right! No, this is not my take on glorifying the “butt”, but a take on Failures and Success, as what I experienced over my career. Over my two decades something years of delivery experience, having been a part of a variety of IT programs – transformational, complex, simply difficult, humanely impossible,…

Project Management – I scream, YOU scream and WE all like Ice Cream!

What better way to demystify Project Management, than taking an example of buying ice cream for your family.
In this article, I will attempt to draw parallels within the personal and professional world and use contexts interchangeably, to highlight key themes that could / maybe explain how we typically react and act, in a “Project” world and sometimes, even at home.

The Future of Project Management

What could be the future of Project Management? If there was to be a revolution in the Project Management space, what would it possibly be / look like? This is what I would predict: All managers would become extinct, just like Dinosaurs – in the near future. So should we trick evolution and ensure survival…

5 Golden Rules for making killer presentations

Rule #1 – Follow the 80/20 rule Presentations are meant to hook attention and garner interest, not lull people to sleep. Anything that can be depicted in text, can also be structured using relationships and diagrams. Instead of just bullets and text, bring out the structure visually, this will help drive home the message more…

It’s a bird, It’s a Plane, Its Superman… No wait…its Innovation!

Look anywhere and everywhere – you will find someone talking about innovation(me), someone listening to someone talk about innovation (you), someone innovating or someone googling on how to innovate and someone simply planning to innovate 🙂 What gives? Is Innovation a much touted hype? Unfortunately yes. Innovation is now, simply put, a more convenient and…