The art (and need) of celebrating (more)

Art of celebration


Sometimes I wonder that the little programmer in me still tries to break through / emerge, by typing text within brackets, and likes doing so 🙂

This post is more a call for us to ask – Do we celebrate our achievements enough?

With all the worldly distractions and overflow of data and information from internet and other hazardous apps, we just lose it : -)

Not enough focus / attention is given to – re-living success stories. There is a larger angle to this.

This is for all the daily-chore guys and gals, who go at it constantly. Believe me, at whatever levels you are – up or down the chain; what matters most is how you deal with and in situations.

It’s also important to lighten up the people around you, as you move along and if you expect them to move along as well.

For most, our thinking and way of living always unfortunately tends to focus on the things that are not going right, and losing sight of all the wonderful things going on around us. Yes, it is a chaotic world.

If you are in a position of leading others, make it a point to appreciate, highlight and re-live, all the small and big achievements of everyone, especially in these trying times of the pandemic.

People are going through a lot, while they juggle and figure out how to balance their personal, family and work priorities – since now, there is no demarcation between personal, family and work time, no thanks to Covid.

Make sure you create a support system as well, for you and for others around you, to help those who are finding it difficult to manage/cope.

Amplify and appreciate every small or big achievement and see the difference this makes to the people around you, and in turn, this will flow back into the work, team and organizational objectives – as positive energy and passion to do more.

A common approach or behavior towards recognition is that it’s a time consuming/ costly affair or an over-rated aspect or let’s just do it later.

An interesting survey and an eye opening article from Gallup can be found here*. They talk about why recognitions are important and which forms are more efficient.

Money definitely does not figure in the top 3!

Unfortunately we are not taught the art or science of celebrating more.

Another very interesting read found on HBR titled The Power of Small Wins^ talks about the importance of this.

It can only propagate if we want to, and to top it, there is no tax or limit to how much we can celebrate success, so this must be motivation enough for all of us : – )

Go ahead, give a big shout out to all, whether you think they need it or not, it will only help improve the journey, for them and for you.

That’s what matters finally.

So let me know what you think.

Additional reading:

* excellent article titled “Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact” by Annamarie Mann and Nate Dvorak

^ excellent HBR article by by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer


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