Doing things Differently and doing Different things

The 2 most important aspects, to keep the zeal in us, ever going and strong.

This statement stuck when I had to address a group of young talent and I needed to communicate a takeaway of sorts.

What better than this one?

If we are able to inculcate these in our actions, it would be that much more easier to move closer towards our goals and enjoy the journey, and as an icing, makes it also worth the while, for people around you.

Invariably, it always boils down to how one takes on one’s challenges/ decides on a course of action, or both.

Start by asking these questions everytime you face an opportunity, feel stagnant, run out of ideas or even feel lethargic.

Can I do this differently?

Can I do something different?

Some may see the above 2 questions as wordplay, or a possible semantic confusion or worse case – it may evoke a Potayto, Potahto kind of reaction. 😀

Believe me, these questions are “approaches apart”.

While the first one does more of encouraging and empowering a different line of thought, and can help identify opportunities for improvements etc (equate to thinking outside the box), the latter, is more about questioning the box in the first place. 😉

The best part is, you will feel more energized and renewed, to tackle whatever that is in front of you.

You will also see yourself standing out of the crowd, and creating a brand of sorts, if you are on the right path.

This approach will help bring in broader benefits, provided you are able to show this in action, with your team etc.

And, as they say* – enthusiasm and energy is infectious and will increase, the more you spend.

So, give this a shot and see if it brings in a change for the better.


Pic courtesy: Nick Fewings on Unsplash


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