Stop chasing your tail! Err.. No can do!

If you are not chasing your tail yet, could mean one of many things:

1) You maybe extremely smart (and may have stopped chasing your tail or have never felt the need to)


2) You maybe extremely ignorant (and possibly don’t know what to chase yet)

..or maybe

3) You just don’t know where your tail is at 😁 (there is still some hope left for you)

The key aspect that possibly differentiates us from amongst our evolution’ary ancestors is the fact that we tend to know when we are chasing our tails, and can move on to something beyond that. 😁

Well, atleast some of us can. 😀

I took this analogy of sorts just to help us reflect on –

1. Are we doing enough to shake things up? (Don’t allow the safety net of your comfort zone or inaction blind you)

2. Do we realize when we become complacent and gotten used to continue doing normal (i.e. happy chasing our tail endlessly)?

3. Do we have a goal (tail)?

Happy chasing, or stop and move on, or, restart afresh – do what’s best, depending on where you are at.


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