integers & a 10 year young’un

I was caught in an inadvertent crossfire exchange of a positive and negative integer session basics, between my wife and my 10 year old.

She was trying to brush his knowledge right before a class test. 🤭

Mom: Ashvik, Borrowing money makes you +ve or -ve?

Ashvik: Obviously mom, I have money, I am +ve

Mom (startled): No!! You will be -ve as you borrowed..

Ashvik (getting irritated): How can I be -ve when I have the money mom?!

Mom (in one last ditch brave attempt): Ashvik, you borrowed, so your account will be -ve to show that you owe the money.

Ashvik (losing it): Forget borrow mom!…Even if I steal, I would still be positive!

And that ends how that session went that day 😁

A big shout out to all the teachers without whose efforts and patience, there would have been complete chaos all over.

Pic description: A still image showing ashvik and his mom in a verbal battle, during his study time.

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