Half means bigger half

Warning – parental discretion futile. πŸ‘»

A typical day in our household.

My 11 year old son wanted the — bigger half — of a burger when he had to share it with his sister!

Sure this applies to practically any eatable..and if your eatable to kids ratio is not 1:1..(You may have experienced this a zillion times already).

I am sure our ancient and current mathematicians would have figured out new formulae, to describe and account for a “bigger half”, and reached greater heights, maybe even solved the teleporting challenge, but only if they had placed closer attention to kids and their thinking…pity..

In such situations, the otherwise inanimate object becomes

  • intensely appealing and,
  • can trigger extreme possessiveness, and
  • lead to total lack of consideration for siblings or any relation / friendship for that matter (matter being the eatable).

They always need the bigger half.

My reason to bring this out: we should always aim for the bigger “half” in life.

Nothing wrong in unabashedly showing your love / like (interest), going after it, and fighting for it.

We don’t do this often or at all.

Dont just settle with “half”, continue wanting more 🀟🏼

Picture description: A hand drawn caricature, by me, of my daughter and son, with somewhat likeable resemblance, and with the text – I want the bigger half.


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