Crushing boundaries

Very excited to see the LIMITLESS potential of thoughts and possibilities that open up, when we aspire or inspire, to CRUSH boundaries.

I am seeing perspectives broaden, WHEN we foster an environment WHERE constraints become opportunities and THERE is a conscious effort to challenge existing boundaries.

  • There is an almost automatic zeal for improvement and THIRST to do more.
  • The environment gets ELECTRIC when we outline examples quoting personal achievements or milestones.
  • The mood is lit when you SHOW new pathways to success and encourage BOLD thoughts and PURPOSE.
  • Actions and mindset elevate when you put the right CHALLENGE up in front of people.

This is my takeaway:

People are AMAZING. It’s always the PERSPECTIVE that needs a little work.

When you look at interactions with your team, what is your motto?

Picture description: This is a sketch by my 11 year old, my budding artist and now Author son, Ashvik 🙂 , depicting 2 popular anime characters, Naruto and Luffy, having a go at each other.


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