New kid on the block! Young author alert

We have a 11 year old strutting around the house as if he is a celebrity!

Well, why not! Ashvik has authored, illustrated and published his first book – a science fiction novel, or that’s what it looks like. 😄

Extremely elated to announce that his maiden book has now hit the stands and is available as an ebook across the planet and paperback (paperback only available in India for now).

He has literally gone berserk – in his imagination, storytelling and free wording.

He started when he was 10.5 years and closed it before his 11th birthday🤾‍♂️. At his age, I probably was happy that I could string letters and words together, and in no particular order 🙃

Full disclosure, we have agreed to use 100% of the proceeds from this experience to support cause worthy initiatives. And i hope that he will continue to build on this foundation.

ps: anyone wants to know how to get a 10 year old, distracted enough from roblox + pokemon cards trading, to author a book and (double whammy) illustrate, plus (triple whammy) sit through the author proofing and what not, until no more whammies work? 😀

It’s sheer magic & determination… lots of it… – his.

Hope this serves as an inspiration to many others. You should actually see how proud his friends and classmates are. They have already started campaigning with “buy it or else…” kind of messages 😅

The book can be found here:

Note: You can access the ebook on Amazon Kindle in your local country by searching for “Ashvik Himesh Nair” or “Sagima”.

Google Play:

Clever Store:

Amazon US:

Amazon India:

Thank you.

#AshvikHimeshNair #MaxxTheLoneKnightOfSagima #ChildAuthor

Cover page of Ashvik's book titled - Maxx, the lone knight of Sagima. Portrays the two main characters Maxx and Psycho Dog, facing off each other, with Sagima planet as the background
Cover page
Few clips from the book showing the front page, cover page and a picture of Ashvik holding his book

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  1. Bala says:

    Bravo Ashvik! An excellent achievement 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. himeshkc says:

      Thank you Balaji 🤩👍

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