0/5 to 3/5 – it’s all in the game

My son is my guru, competitor and nemesis, all rolled into one small little package πŸ˜„

He has latched onto Basketball for the last few good months and it gives me great joy to see his steady progress.

From playing, he is also onto watching full time BasketBall youtube videos, already picked out his favourite role models / icons, to now demanding jerseys of these fav stars (Black Jesus, LeBron, Steph Curry, Black Mamba, the Professor…), as he wants to carry his craze forward, typical 10-11 year old “dude”.

From the very start, I could show off my skills, whether it was layups, or shooting free-throws or 3 pointers… i can see my college mates rolling their eyes in envy πŸ€—

I was constantly edging him to go for 3 pointers and he found it tough, due to his non familiarity with the game, his age related strength, skills and so on…and he so badly wanted to do better.

Today, he is able to match my level of skill and three point %age, out of 5 or 10 attempts in a row. I have to now go figure, how to step up my game!

He constantly used to practice every day and more and one fine day just declared – Dad, you got to come to the court, I can defeat you in 3 pointer shooting.

That’s a victory, for him, and for me.

It all started with getting involved, igniting the passion, showing that you can do stuff, building a challenge as well, and then just waiting for the magic.

Now read this in the context of leading teams.

It’s a no brainer, but, all gut and heart mode, that you need to be in, to truly inspire and lead the way.

picture description: a series of clicks where my son walks up to me with a spinning basketball on his finger and i transfer this to my hand, as a part of another challenge i threw at him. He outdid me on this skill as well (though we both started learning this at the same time) and can spin a basketball for at-least 15 seconds non stop and on any finger, and is one outright proud fella (while i still struggle) πŸ˜†


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  1. Firstly I actually saw an image in this post; how did I see it as a Brown Blind Muslim? That is because you provided the image with ALT Text; which is a best practice when it comes to making content on the web accessible. Thank you!
    I was an avid footballer for my school days when Diego and Pele were the legends and God’s of the game. Not much of watching them on TV but aspiring to be like them. In an unfortunate accident at one of the games I ruptured both my knee ligaments ever since I haven’t indulged in that sport. I took up TT and Snooker and ended up being the local champion of the 9 ball game.
    I went digital ever since I got my first PS One then upgraded to the PS2 and then I was struck by lightning and life gave me a aha! moment to enjoy darkness and noise pollution at the same time
    Us as individuals may be it working teams in an office or on the field need to drive for the bigger picture; passion should drive it and passion is driven by the challenging situations that one has to deal with in such environments. Challenge yourself, you will be surprised how much of yourself you don’t know yet

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    1. himeshkc says:

      Great thoughts and thank you for sharing


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