Bond, Collaborate, Grow

I have been having some fantastic time connecting with teams and colleagues, both internal and external and am constantly revamping how I engage with / learn from them.

These are what I consistently pick up:

  • An abundance of talent
  • Eagerness to do more, know more
  • Do not have adequate mentors
  • Game to handle anything thrown at them
  • Sense of a larger Purpose, is limited or unclear

Following are some important questions, we need to ask, from ourselves and people around us, who are in a position to lead:

  • Are you creating an all round, purpose-led ecosystem for your peers?
  • How are you demonstrating your intent?

Chuck aside every thing else you intend or aspire to become, and have achieved or want to achieve, If you have not understood the above 2 questions, it’s a reflection of how well you will stand out and be seeked out.

Bond, collaborate, grow – seems to pretty much sum up my reflections:

  • to feel inspired,
  • to inspire, and
  • help explode things to the next level.

Picture description: one of my first attempts at painting, depicting a person playing the saxophone. While the whole painting is in vibrant colors I have added an effect to show the bottom half in black and white , and the upper half in color, as a sign of progression/ awareness in line with this article theme, hope you enjoyed this article..


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