Men speak 7000 words a day vs 20000 by women..ahem

That’s a very (un)popular myth IMHO and has had its prominence, debunking, and a fair bit of memes going around as well.

My first thought as I try to take this in was, why doesn’t this background stat help show up in the workplace scenario as much as it could have?

We see anywhere between 20 to 40% as the gender ratio range normally, and an average of 30 something percentage.

So why is this 7000 vs 20000 (3x) communication not firing up at the workplace, and tilting the gender ratio in its favour?

Totally unrelated or time for another study and a new stat?

There are a plethora of articles on this topic from forbes, hbr and so on, who list 5, 7, 15 odd challenges that women leaders face.

YES, they are the odd ones out, no pun intended.

My views:

  • Women are far more adept at handling whatever comes their way, by virtue of the broader roles they inherently play, across a larger canvas
  • They are statistically more empathetic than their peers
  • They don’t get distracted by lack of printer paper or coffee

My take? Scrap all we read and pledge.

Having a proper,

Recognition | Support System is all that we need to fix this.

Let’s help change the glass ceiling to the gals ceiling.

Ladies – here’s to more power to you all!


Picture description: depicts a popular Foosball game with front line players lined up against each other….male players.


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  1. There is a disparity of women in the workforce. Corporates are putting in their best foot forward to bridge the gap in genders; but now looking at the bigger picture from the lens of diversity. Including the other genders LGBTQ; gender gap is not what organisations need to fill. It’s the skill gap they need to address!

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    1. himeshkc says:

      True that Mujtaba.

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