Claim your seat at the table

This is my next in series of the (hopefully) morale boosting pep rants, aimed at team building and personality development.

There are more often than not, multi faceted categories of people, in a team setting or situation:

  • the table creators
  • the din makers
  • the note takers
  • the mannequins

The table creators are good at identifying and creating opportunities. They swarm the setting with energy, enthusiasm and bold optimism. Unafraid of voicing opinion and being a part of the vision and the journey, whatever it takes. Their clarity and momentum may sometimes (unintentionally) derail the team if not aligned properly.

The din makers, are necessary evils. They help reinforce the belief on common sense and self control. Usually adept at destroying energy and enthusiasm by directing it in an infinite warp and loop. They unknowingly help keep the team on their toes, as the group desperately thinks of counter approaches.

The note takers, are AI bots in disguise. Adept at recording all that’s being thrown around and very transactional. Usually mild mannered and harmless, to an extent that their contributions often goes unnoticed. They usually need some coaxing to over-perform.

The mannequins are the most common population you would find. Very gentle and happy to stay in the background, even when prodded. Sometimes the most hardworking of the lot, and sometimes the smartest even. They have amazing abilities to soak up stuff and are usually it it for the long run. Excellent in execution normally.

Figure out each style. Most of us transition through each of these stages at some point or the other and sometimes back and forth even.

From a development point of view:

  • the mannequins and the note takers are the ones that needs special focus and encouragement to transform and blossom
  • the table creators are usually a energized lot, will need different approaches and constant attention to keep them hooked
  • the din makers are the toughest, will need handling that focuses more on transparency, trust
  • You as a leader, will need to ensure that everyone is engaged right and more importantly, contribute as a whole

Apply this to any context – team building, program governance, a meeting in progress even.

And do what’s best, to help enable people stake a claim at the “table”.


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  1. Prakash says:

    Nice read Himesh. Many of us move around those roles from time time even within a specific instance. It depends on how comfortable you are with the subject and what role you play. More importantly the preparation you do before you step into those discussions.

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    1. himeshkc says:

      Great perspective Prakash 👍


  2. This is a brilliant piece of insight; I already formulated the IIE theory in my head but never documented it. The theory is based on a similar concept; you have the Ideators, Implementers, Execution team. All are interchangable roles in a team

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    1. himeshkc says:

      Great and thanks for sharing your insight Mujtaba 👍

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