A picture is worth a thousand words, or is it?


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words or more.

Sorry, I beg to differ. In my view, a well written / spoken few words could be worth more than a dozen pictures.

What is this worth that we are talking about here? The ability to communicate a thought / topic / message to the viewer / reader-listener and how effectively.

What is the basis for my thinking?

You can construct a message in as little as 1 or more words which can deliver a larger meaning than any amount of pictures. Try bringing out the impact of Cogito Ergo Sum or Carpe Diem using picture(s)!

Sometimes, a construct of words can be more powerful than picture(s). While pictures can definitely communicate a strong message / central theme, using words one can connect with the reader-listener in more than one way and deliver multiple messages. Can you think of any easy way of representing the widely used expression – “What the f***” or just “F***” alone and still convey your opinion matter of factly and accurately – in picture form? 🙂

Pictures can add value but can never take away the value of words.

In closing, Caveat Lector!


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