PM Glossary – What is Project Management

1. What is Project Management In layman’s terms – somebody wants to move from Point A to Point B (read “move” as being able to do something, hence the birth of a “Project”, also read “somebody” as a Stakeholder). The whole act of thinking through (planning) and ensuring (execution and monitoring) that the journey from…

A brief history of Project Management – Part 2

Part 2 of this series… Continued from Part 1….(Part 1 can be found at b) From 15th century up to mid 20th century (Project Managers were possibly called as “Projectors” during the early stages – not evidenced though) Radical changes in Project management approach and execution fueled by the industrial revolution and advances in management…

A brief history of Project Management – Part 1

Think about aspects like planning, resource management, communication, change management, risk management etc in a scenario where you would not have access to a PC, Microsoft Office, Telephones, Cubicle, formal processes, air-conditioning, elevators, transportation and pizzas / coke in that order.

Would YOU have delivered such a project? Most likely NO, unless you are one of those rare few Superhero types, and are also ignorant of the law of punishment for failure (or even success) in those times 🙂