Crossing the finish line, while it (still) matters!

This post describes the various critical success factors for project execution

Not another 1+2=4, 2+3=6, 3+4= What ?? Post! Get real guys..

Let us go ahead, try and analyze the rationale behind such posts.

2 questions really haunt me:-

Q#1: What sadistic pleasure could “they” (read they – as a large and growing, relatively unknown cult of people, silently on a campaign to promote neo-bonehead-ism and reverse the effects of evolution) derive by doing so?

Q#2: What sadistic pleasure could you derive, by responding with an answer, which a 1000 others have already added and you go on to add yours to the list (and in all probability will be the same answer)?

PM Glossary #5 – What’s (in) a Change Request?

Ponder this through: Project Management and Change Control – are they blood relatives or bloody relatives! A Project can also be termed a vehicle for Change (implementing), so why this much ado around Change Management and Change Control, when you are anyways doing it? Yeah – this is not as simple as it sounds, and…

PM Glossary #3 – Scope, Creep and You

There are universal standards of measurement for Time (your watch and calendar) and Cost (wallet and/ or bank account), leaving out any chance for ambiguity or lack of consensus among stakeholders, but for Scope – this will always remain a grey area (however good the documentation, process, team and relations be!).