Anti-post: Battle of the Mind versus Brain?

If anti-matter exists, then anti-post most certainly does. But what is an anti-post?

A post is generally an article written around a specific topic / subject and with a theme. In the same way, can we then create an anti-post which does not talk about anything AT ALL?

If there were to be guidelines for writing anti-posts, then it would probably look like these:

  • do not have a topic
  • do not have an introduction and a conclusion
  • do not relate stuff
  • take a no holds barred brain dump

By doing so, can I create the first anti-post?

Now, why should anyone write anti-posts, would be the next question?

Brain vs Mind

Writing anti-posts would free the mind. This would be equivalent to enjoying coffee alone or going out for a walk in the woods / being with nature, with yourself. You are under no pressure to play around with information and tailor it to suit an audience / topic, unlike as in writing posts.

You write what you are thinking, without boundaries, without curtailing and more importantly – not masking it with our own perception of orderliness. You may be able to discover some aspects you have not known earlier, find new interests and learn something new about yourself.

Our brain, by design can process at least a zillion instructions per second (on an average human brain has 100 billion neurons with 100 trillion connections), but due to its inherent filtering and other cognitive processing techniques, we only focus on a very small set of data and reject the rest.

I do not want to get into the details of how the brain functions or the mind works± and only want to highlight that we, may be missing out on some things when we constantly look for something in a particular direction, and, we may be deceived by our own irrelevance filters or our cognitive inabilities.

Considering what I have just said, is this possible at all? Can we write an anti-post then? Knowing that we always act on a subset of the information, and are by virtue of our conscious and subconscious training – trained to filter out and think in an ordered manner?

I do not know, but this is worth a try and I will attempt this someday.

As a closing statement: Only the brain can write a post, but a mind can also write an anti-post. Think this through.


read an article explaining the brain’s filtering process

± read an excellent article by Debbie H. on the difference between mind versus brain here

read more on brain’s irrelevance filter here



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