For my kids, I am always some Khan and Mommy is a Padukone


Don’t you agree?

Your kids would see you as the world’s best dad and the world’s best mom, and if you equate that to their favorite actors, you will naturally be the Salmans / Shah Rukhs and the Deepika Padukones of this world, for them.

I am simply amazed at how easy our kids live their childhood – simple, no confusions, no struggling to choose, stress free and carefree. They are our best teachers and over and above the daunting task of parenting right / being the right parents, we can learn from them on how to be the right beings!

I am listing a few attributes / traits of children, that are absolute gems that we ought to revive within us, which otherwise would usually be a long lost art / memory at the most.

Kids and Learnings

They recognize the star in you.

This could mean two things – one, You know that somebody thinks the world of you, so cheer up and use this to amplify your energy levels, second, find the star in others as well, by not taking things at face value, another important lesson.

They find happiness & joy in small matters.

Well, no need to elaborate here. Be childish in your search for glorification. If you are happy or sad, do not hold back, but let it out and let others know.

They bounce back to normal in a flash.

Kids are wonderful at recharging and getting back to whatever it is that they do. Their priorities are usually sorted out already. They do not wait for ages to think through multiple options and hesitate before taking any decisions.

They don’t hold on to baggage like we do.

This is another great lesson and THE most difficult for all of us. Our transition from child to Adult (over and above the physiological changes) can happen over this very characteristic. The moment someone holds on to some baggage beyond necessary, he or she is now an adult, congratulations, but are we one? Dictionary meaning of an adult means “mature” or grown-up”. And the very act of holding on to our past baggage is unlike adult behavior, so where do we go wrong?

They take risks quite often and always try or want to try new things.

We often get complacent as we grow and are too worried or afraid of taking new risks, because of our perception of their consequences. Get a life, have a child like curiosity and don’t be happy with status quo.

Now coming back to my kiddoes – both are fiendishly capable of driving anyone crazy, but then, that’s what kids are for! 🙂


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  1. lisha says:

    i loved this post… ts become very difficult to hold on to our childhood attributes in this badly materialistic world….


    1. Himesh KC says:

      True Lisha…what you say makes a lot of sense in the current scenario…


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