Thinking outside the box – significance of the number 4!

This is meant to be heavy and light reading, reader discretion be damned.

We sometimes spend all of our lives without understanding the significance or control that the number 4 holds on us!

And I am NOT talking about the effect of 4 ladies who control (or would go on to control) your life – Mom, Daughter, Sister and Wife (in no particular order)!

Nor am I one of the numerous numerologists^ who can claim to rid you of your problems or give reasons why you have them – by knowing your birth date, birth location, star position and GPS location alone!

Take a break and think, did you follow me yet?

Great, look at the very article you are staring at or the laptop /smartphone / book you are holding, do you notice the 4 corners / sides enclosing the article (and possibly your perspective) within which you try and find the thing called “karma”? 🙂

A-ha, now you get it, this is the number 4 I am wanting you to see, but in a new dimension!

Now, let’s get to the details, if you have followed me until now.

  • Are we unknowingly & repeatedly being conditioned / programmed to see (and think) inside of a 4 sided box?
  • Why this affinity towards box’-iness, when nothing in nature / evolution prescribes this?
  • Is this an affliction? What could we possibly be losing due to this and can we gain anything by doing otherwise?

For argument’s sake, I would have preferred a funnel view or a circular view which may slightly better our chance of getting a lateral perspective. How?

For one, you may be forced to think differently, in a structured fashion

A) Normal 4 “cornered” / boxed “perspective”

thinking outside the box

B) Alternate “Funneled” perspective

thinking outside the box

C) Another possible “rounded” perspective

thinking outside the box

Think about it.

Based on the above 3 viewpoints, if we adopted a different outlook at things– would this help us in our quest (for whatever) and break away from a stereotyped approach of thinking / eliciting?

The first picture shows what we are traditionally used to and toned to, and which I presume, puts a larger stress on an individual’s

  • thought process (to convey and assimilate)
  • own ability to follow a structured approach
  • adeptness in focusing on the important aspects, and
  • finally, concentration

While i am not and cannot, attempt to suggest or recommend a better approach, all i would like to leave you with is – can we do better / different? In thinking, analyzing, dealing with whatever is thrown at us.

I am not going to fall prey to repeating the age old adage, of thinking outside the box, I am only questioning about the box in the first place. 🙂


^ Pardon the unintentional play with numbers, but then my topic is all about the number 4.

Some odd tidbits on number 4, while you are at it:

  • Four is the only number in the English language that has the same number of characters as its value (trust me, this was not taught in school and is not common knowledge)
  • Most furniture has four legs (I found this revelation recently on Wikipedia!)
  • There are four basic rules in mathematics (add, subtract, multiply and divide – even dorky single celled amoebae have not been spared and need to follow these rules!)
  • There are four seasons (this does not hold good for all the popular romcoms though unfortunately)
  • The “Fantastic four” league has (you guessed right), four superheroes!
  • Four is the first positive non-Fibonacci number (all other numbers tested negative and are under suspension)

(originally written in Feb 2016 and re-posted)



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