Mind control or Control over Mind?!

Do we control our Mind or does our Mind control us?†

If we control our Mind, then what helps us do this? What is it that we possess, which can exert control and influence our mind? Is this the Soul? Or some higher form of intelligence? Some abstraction of the Mind and / or Soul?

Else, if the Mind controls us, then who programs the Mind to do so? Can it think on its own to know when, what and how to exert control / influence us? On what does it hold control then?

To make things more interesting, google returns the following results when you search for mind control and control over mind respectively:

  1. Mind Control – shows articles around brain washing, hypnosis etc (all the bad things I suppose)
  2. Control over mind – shows articles around Meditation, Yoga etc (the good things then)

Why do we treat these differently (almost as if these are complementary or opposite in nature) when understanding any of these in itself (Mind Control or Control over Mind) is not straightforward?

For me, this is one of the toughest questions one can ask and attempt to find answers for and at the same time sounds fiendishly simple and idiotic as well!

Let me attempt to outline my views (rants):-

Mind Control implies something that is under the control of the Mind. All of us human beings and even other living organisms, can be stated to be under the control (influence) of our mind (the extent of control may vary AND by the very definition of mind, it may not be a gift available to all living things and may be restricted to a few species along with us humans).

To help understand, what is Mind –

The grey matter which facilitates an extensive communication and analysis network and can store data on its own can be called as the “Brain” (the physical part / infrastructure) and an “instance” of the “system” running on top of this can which can analyze data and take decisions / trigger actions, can be called as the “Mind” (a very crude technical definition at best).

Now to say that this combination of a physical and a logical instance controlling us / something does not sound that convincing, as it does not explain what “us / something” is in this case and how is this separated from the “thing” that is trying to exert control. Are there two discrete “entities” here then? Sounds scary!

Let’s look at the control over mind aspect.

It implies we can exert control over the mind. How can we control something that is supposed to be the very nucleus of our existence and actions?

Let me know. I am as confused as ever on this!


† My previous article on Running(http://blog.himeshkc.com/2014/08/26/mark-get-set-go/) , actually gave seed to this topic, as I had spoken earlier about how it is the mind that determines how far you can stretch and not the body. Next obvious question that popped up in my head accordingly was, Who the #$@! controls the mind? Hence this article 🙂


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