PI jokes (lame)

a) Himesh without pi is hungry

b) 6 onions and one Pi is approx 150/- in Bangalore at today’s onion exchange rate

c) if u multiply pi with any number other than 0 and 1, you will get multiPI

d) if you divide pi, you will get mini PI

e) a sleepy pi is called sleePI

f) top view of a pi is !

g) What do you call a secret pi


h) Why did pi run into the airport?

Because it was the (Pi)lot

I) How do you address a queen pi

Your (Pi)ness

j) How do you kill a pi

Shoot its denominator

k) Why was the Pi scared of the mathematician?

Cos she could squeeze it’s digits by heart

l) Why did Pi go to the rodeo?

Pi thought it had a good chance as it had already experienced rounding

m) Wht happened to Pi at the rodeo?

Pi was not allowed to participate as it was below 18


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