Do you Go to the Get or Get to the Go?

Figured the cryptic title yet? Almost rhapsodic!

* pic courtesy: sketch by my 10 year old son

Warning: Significant wordplay involved. Two innocuous statements combined to cause massive confusion 😄

I submit my quick perspective around this.

The above 2 statements generically typecasts 2 kinds of people you get to (be and) meet. There is a 3rd kind which does not fit in both and are the “status quo” kind.

First breed are those who clearly know what they want (the Get aka vision), but may or may not be strong on the Go (action) part. Visionaries, anyways.

Second breed are those who translate vision into action (the Go aka plan) to get them there, but may or may not have full clarity on the Get (vision) part. Executionists, yeah.

Obviously, the mixed breed are a generous mix of the two and typically come across as achievers / high fliers – the go-getters, woo-hoo!

Understand these breeds / traits and see how best we can align and support – individuals and teams accordingly, for larger success.

Now, go figure, what are you?

p.s.: This is a critical but sometimes neglected or less understood perspective, as we go around trying to accomplish things – the human element.


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