“How i braved Anu Aunty….”

How I braved Anu Aunty & co-founded a million dollar company – Varun Agarwal.

Got my hands on this book when i was traveling overseas (a habit i religiously maintain to add to my book collection). I must say the book was worth every penny.

Written by Varun Agarwal, in his mid twenties, on his experience around trying to do something different and on his own, this book is a great read. This will strike a chord with most people as the story very cleverly weaves in and out of very common situations and experiences of the common Indian man (growing up) – déjà vu-like and how he overcomes the struggle.

The central theme around this book is passion and perseverance. What makes this work the magic is the liberal sprinkling of humor and the ability to take the reader back to his / her school / college days and reminisce about the good old days spent with friends. The book is written in great style and is a complete package – entertaining, light and thought provoking.


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