The Lost Art of Giving

As much as the ongoing focus and growing popularization around understanding Life and Living, and more often than not, a mad rush in trying to improve how we live / perceive living (through self realization, meditation, therapy, wellness camps etc), not much is understood / practiced, when it comes to the art of giving / philanthropy. We (generalized largely) hardly have time for our families, leave aside things outside this circle (society) – due to our hectic schedules, 24*7 lifestyles and narrow mindedness.

Today, philanthropy is usually limited to very famous personalities, billionaires (de-facto philanthropists), who often have the backing of a established setup to contribute that much more easily and visibly, and a handful of NGOs and individuals who want to make a change. Unfortunately, there is no mass spread understanding or need felt, to evolve this into a movement / philosophy.

Why are we so?

A combination of our lust for worldly pleasures, trying to be better off than our peers, and not knowing the difference between need versus want, usually stifles and distracts us from our other larger duties. <I use the word “duty” intentionally to emphasize>. It is more than normal to have an affinity for the above said behavioral vices, and this usually gets toxic only when we are under the grip of all these factors. It also does not help when we are part of a system, that is besot with peer pressure starting from school, competition at work, political and bureaucratic issues, and all other related and unrelated issues that plague the common man (inflation, population, crime etc).

We all live in this world, on our planet, and have duties beyond our families. The world thrives on inequity and imbalance. Some countries have more of something and less of something else. Likewise – people have more and less of health and wealth as examples. We should recognize these aspects and try and do whatever it may be, to justify being a part of the ecosystem we call “world”, and that by giving back to the society.

I do not want this article to sound preachish (and maybe it does), but act as a stimulant to introspect, and possibly coax ourselves to do our bit.

On the personal front, I support (on and off) a few organizations (financially, and in a small way) which provide palliative care, old age support and child care.

There are numerous options out there, for each of us to show that we care, and this need not be limited to financial means alone. To be very honest, i am still working out on how to take myself to the next level of involvement in this space.

So get started, and you will find that you will no longer have to run behind finding solace and happiness / sense of fulfillment. If you already have, great and do let me know your experience.

Let’s revive this lost art.


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