My Daughter is my Teacher: Lesson #1

It all started with a simple question.

We (Me, wifey and 7 year old daughter) were going somewhere or returning from somewhere when I happened to ask my daughter “Which is your favorite place?”

I was expecting Kerala (as she usually has loads of fun during the summer vacation and is never at home there and playing in the open, experiencing nature first hand, with lot of like aged and equally or more naughty friends around) and if not, then maybe Bangalore.

Surprise, she said “Kashmir”.

I knew that she was being taught about various states and places at school, but never knew that one of them had become a favorite place for her, so sudden and she not having a clue of how it looks and feels like, as we have never been there.

So, my next question was obviously “Why Kashmir?” not knowing that I would get blown away by her account of why she likes Kashmir.

She said Kashmir is a great place, you can play in the snow. She wants to make big and small balls of snow and then build a snowman!

Both us parents were touched by just seeing her eyes light up when she talked about this.

It was obvious that she was very much in love with the idea of playing in the snow, and that snow is found only in Kashmir and hence it became her favorite place.

Thanks to my daughter, I have learnt a very important lesson.

Though we go about this life in a mechanical sort of way to fulfill needs, somewhere down the line we start losing focus about people around us and their expectations / wants from us, forget how to listen to and understand people.

This happens because we think there is no time, or because we take things for granted, or because we are tired with just trying to get through the day or simply because we don’t take the effort to do this at all.

If you are an investor, then start thinking of this as investment with an aim to increasing your “social wealth”.

Do not forget what matters the most – it is the people around you, the roads you travel with them and the memories you create which will matter in the end, nothing else.

Sometimes small things will lead to nice experiences, more happiness and great memories!

Ps: I am working out how to get her this experience and will probably look up the Snow City for starters in Bangalore.


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