On your Mark, get Set……GO!

I have taken to the habit of jogging now, and am trying to be regular at it. I started off with a small target, around 2-2.5 kms and got going. Armed with RunKeeper and a bottle of spruced up water, I hit the road.

The first run was good, could manage 2.55 KMs in 20 mins, without hitting the breaks in between, or getting run over. Felt great that I could manage this distance, and it was a good experience, running outdoor and all.



My Experience

The next 2 days was a good reminder that I attempted something my body was not used to, and my legs kept complaining.

From then on I got into the practice of running the 2 KM stretch every 3 days. I also started skipping meanwhile to ensure I am prepped up on the days that I did not run.

After two weeks, I decided to up the ante and attempted a 5 KM run. It was not too bad and I could go the distance in about 45 mins. Though it actually felt like I had run atleast 10 KMs then 🙂

After this attempt, I did a couple of more 5 KM runs to get into the groove, and I believe can go much longer and harder now. I currently have just finished a 6.5 KM run and could manage the 6 KM continuously and in 45 mins.

Running I have found, is very addictive and is the cheapest and easiest way to get a kick and feel good about it as well!

My Learnings

Over and above the physical and other wellness aspects derived from running, this has taught me a few other important things:-

  • Running, even though is purely physical and intensive, your limit is only decided by your mind. How far you stretch yourself is dependent on your mind control, and how you goad yourself on.
  • Running teaches you to focus, understand and adjust. It teaches you to concentrate on one thing alone, which is a luxury (or a forgotten ability) in the current world, what with the many distractions we have.
  • Your body is a wonderful thing and you can push it however hard you want, it only gets better and stronger every time.
  • Running helps you understand your body better and you will end up falling in love with it, and feeling great every time you run.

I now have set a weekly target (total) of 10 KMs to cover – starting with a big run on every Sunday (5+ KMs) and 2 shorter runs on the weekdays.

So what’s holding you from starting?

Get going and let me know how you fare, or better still, connect with me on RunKeeper and lets compete 🙂


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