Rising up the ladder, or whatever

An interesting click, from an open roadside business that sells bamboo ladders.

Now why do you think they have the chair plugged in there?

Most probably a physical clickbait / eyeball grabber…?

Cross selling?

Up selling?

Having a vantage point and view?

Unclear requirements / scope creep?

The ladder wanted to upskill itself..?


This can be a good reminder that it’s not always about climbing the ladder, but also maybe

  • taking someone along,
  • or stopping to enjoy the view,
  • or introspecting,
  • or simply taking a break

What’s your take?

PS: this is an actual pic clicked on a popular street in namma Bengaluru…exactly between 80 feet road and 100 feet road, Indiranagar.

Maybe that’s what it is – an attention catcher, a conversation starter, or a checkpoint.

pic description: A photo depicting collection of tall bamboo ladders (about 20 of them), stacked together on the sidewalk for sale, and a chair strung onto them somewhere half way up.


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