All the world’s a stage..

[My take on this famous poem by William Shakespeare..]

Read that statement again, it’s an important one and often unnoticed.

It is a super-to-possess trait, when read in the context of the power of individuality and influence, especially for leaders.

Understanding this aspect, will ensure greater connectivity with the broader world, reciprocation and infectious propagation..

Being a role model, 24×7 is often a herculean task, and I for one simply thrive from the energy of interactions and this then just exponentiates.

This is the first time I am resorting to poetry to convey my thoughts – on how to fuel on..

My deep admiration to people who strive to create pathways for others.

All the world’s a stage.

All the world's a stage. What have you, but to cherish?
In this journey, you are the partaker and beacon alike.
Uplift the mood and alleviate the struggle.

Draw energy from the fathoms and usher in a cascade of harmony.
It is but easy to show the path, for all there is, that's the simplest ask.

Do this now and do this again, for the greatest joy is in lighting the way.
Ring in the collective power of positivity, in its truest form.

For nothing connects better than when warm personality and hope mingle.
What you seek for, you will gain in bounds.
What you think difficult, needs only a twinkle.

When you feel the weather, trust the strength of your trysts. 
You have the power to open up minds and imagination.
Inspire and be inspired.

Your vision fuels the raring spirits and minds alike. 
Lead from the front and let them roar.

All the World's a stage, together go soar!

pic description: collection of four pictures to depict the power of individuality and first pic is of a dancer on stage, second pic outlines a lady balancing a football on her forehead, third pic depicts a music DJ and the fourth pic shows a live stage.


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