Inclusive Moonshots?

What do moonshots and Inclusion have in common?

Nothing… yet.

In my view, both need the same kind of individual, social and societal frenzy to take birth and succeed.

In this context, there are some stories worth talking about, again and again, and this is one of them.

What can a chance encounter, a feeling of inspiration or guilt, and a moment of introspection bring about?

Well, that’s how new opportunities for change / development / growth are triggered…

On a business travel and getting into lemontree (hotel chain), I was recently exposed to how they are slowly and steadily making this world a better place.

They have gone ahead and silently and seamlessly integrated what you don’t get to see otherwise – an in-your-face experience (in an absolutely spectacular and impactful way).*

They have changed the whole approach to (integrating) PWDs and done this in style, nothing less than a social benchmark..

I have had such an experience in a recent visit to one of their Hyderabad locations. The picture is courtesy that and my meeting with Mr. Ganga, who supports the front desk and communicates mainly in sign language.

I felt terrible for not being able to engage or have a decent conversation with him.

My promise though is, the next time, I will be able to introduce myself and can engage using sign language. In fact, I and my son now can introduce ourselves in sign language, and the journey has just begun for us..

On another note, in my recent townhalls at work and as a social experiment, I have just started throwing in sign language…

and notice that out of the large majority (150+ people sometimes) , no one seems to relate to or can identify this…

That’s the unfortunate bite of reality…

But glad to see that at a corporate level, there is growing focus across, in terms of spreading awareness, education, sensitization, etc..

I feel this space definitely lacks enough role models / catalysts, and we very conveniently depend on HR / CSR / DEI teams to fix this, versus understand how we can truly support or partner or better still…champion the cause.

So, what’s your moonshot / excuse?

pic description: a photo click capturing myself standing next to a hotel front desk operator, with each of us flashing a huge thumbs up and with broad smiles. He exudes a lot of confidence and positivity.

p.s. google “lemontree and PWD” and you will get a bucket load of articles that shows how they designed this journey over some very strong beliefs and vision


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  1. Mister Kayne says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and the insightful post on how PWD’s can be easily, with a little concious effort be integrated into service roles and make them equal contributors to the industry. This also gives them a sense of belonging, financial independance and increases their self worth. The bigger picture is that integrating PWD in the workforce helps build great brand awareness and service records as they are a dedicated team that not only have to prove themselves but prove themselves when compared to the non-disabled population in the workforce.

    This is very important if we wish to have an inclusive society; each individual should be involved in championing the cause. Remember inclusion begins with an “I”!

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    1. himeshkc says:

      Thank you Mujtaba, and appreciate your inputs and point of view..


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