Can you herd cats?

cat herding and you. Is this an ignored / lost skill?
How can we be better at cat herding?

Have you PFFed yet?! (Planning for Failure)

Yes, you read it right! No, this is not my take on glorifying the “butt”, but a take on Failures and Success, as what I experienced over my career. Over my two decades something years of delivery experience, having been a part of a variety of IT programs – transformational, complex, simply difficult, humanely impossible,…

Misplaced Priorities

How many times have we used or heard the term misplaced / wrong / incorrect priorities ? We have gotten used to hiding behind such terms to, rather than looking at the root cause – YOU 🙂 Priorities itself came into being to straighten out life 🙂 So how come we go about screwing up…

Aurora Borealis / Bangalore-is?

Don’t tell me that after Trump took over reins in the far west, he has somehow managed to outsource the Aurora Borealis to this side of the world? IT has been bangalore-ed! (pun intended) Happened to catch this view recently (14-Jun-2017) in good old bengaluru. Prey take a look and let me know. 🙂

Black box / White box – What mode are you on today?

This is hopefully an interesting question that we all need to ask or understand at some point or the other. We usually come across problems, opportunities and situations in no predestined fashion at work (however organized you may think you are or want to be) and sometimes, knowing what mode you are on (or even…